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ITQ for Curriculum Development of Judo SG-Coach Integrated Level 1
SJF is in the process of revamping our SG-Coach Level 1 ( formerly known as National Coaching Accreditation Programme 1) syllabus and would like to invite interested parties to submit a quotation

Greetings from the Singapore Judo Federation

The Singapore Judo Federation is the National Sports Association (NSA) for judo, registered with the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC). We are affiliated to the South East Asian Judo Federation (SEAJF), Judo Union of Asia (JUA), International Judo Federation (IJF) and Kodokan Judo Institute of Japan (Kodokan),  for the promotion and promulgation of the Art of Judo.


To maintain the art of judo as prescribed by Jigoro Kano sensei and actively promote judo as a lifelong recreational activity and establish a strong presence in the international competitive arena.


Expand and encompass judo and its related activities through all level of society and position SJF as a regional centre of excellence for the promotion of judo in both its traditional and sporting form.


Inculcate self-discipline, perseverance, resilience and compassion on and off the mats, contributing positively to society.

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