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Mon / Kyu Grading

Mon and Kyu gradings are conducted once every three months at clubs and schools by Singapore Judo Federation (SJF) approved grader. Certificates are awarded by the SJF. Students must fulfil all requirements as per SJF syllabus and graders will update their grading booklets.

The grading fee payable to SJF is $50 per candidate.

Download Grading Syllabus

Dan Grading


Dan Gradings are conducted twice a year at SJF level by a panel of Dan Examiners who are appointed by the SJF. Only 1st Kyu (Brown belters) from SJF-affiliated clubs and schools are graded. They must fulfil all the requirement and criteria stipulated by SJF Dan Grading Commission



The SJF Referees Commission is responsible for testing, appointing, promoting and maintaining the currency of all SJF referees. Referees from the Register of Referees are recommended for international referee courses, seminars and higher level qualifications.


Coaching Accreditation


The SJF Coaching Commission is responsible for appointing, training and maintaining the current coaches. Coaches who fulfill requirements are listed in the Registry of SJF coaches.

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