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The Singapore Judo Federation (“SJF”) has established the Athletes’ Commission (the “AC”) to promote open communication with Judo national athletes.


Given the adoption of the new constitution (the “Constitution”) by SJF, it is proposed that election for the AC is held in accordance with the requirements set out in the Constitution. A copy of the new AC Policy replacing the previous interim policy is attached.


Up to 5 individuals shall be members of the AC, of whom 1 shall be the Chairperson of the AC.


Subject to his/her meeting the eligibility criteria to be appointed as a Board Member as set out in the Constitution, the Chairperson of the AC shall be appointed as a member of the SJF board, and will represent the voice of national athletes in the SJF board.


The terms of office of the AC members shall follow those of the SJF board (the current term of which is expected to expire at the SJF annual general meeting for the financial year ending 31 March 2023).


Eligibility criteria to act as a SJF board member as extracted from Article 21 of the Constitution are set out below:




21.1       Board Members shall at least be twenty-one (21) years of age and shall be Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents. 


21.2        Board Members shall not be individuals who are disqualified from serving on the board of charities or companies pursuant to the Charities Act or the Companies Act or have past convictions for offences for which criminal record cannot be spent pursuant to the Registration of Criminals Act (Third Schedule).


21.3        Board Members shall not be serving a suspension or ban from SJF, IJF, JUA or other regulatory authority.


21.4        Board Members shall be persons of exemplary character with the relevant experience and credentials. 


21.5        Board Members shall neither be a paid employee of SJF nor have a Family Member who is a paid employee of SJF.


21.6        No more than three (3) of the Board Members shall be Family Members, and such relationships must be declared upfront in the nomination and before the Board election.


Past or present National Athletes who are keen to serve in the AC can submit an application to run for the AC here: The deadline for submission is 28 SEPTEMBER 2022, 2359HRS.


Athletes who have represented Singapore in international Judo competitions within the past 24 months (September 2020 to present) are entitled to one (1) vote and can register to vote for their representatives here: The deadline for registration as a voter is 28 SEPTEMBER 2022, 2359HRS.


Based on our records, such competitions include: (i) SEA Games 2021, (ii) Asian Cadet and Junior Championships 2022 and (iii) Thailand International Championships 2022.


Voting will open on 30 SEPTEMBER 2022, and close on 6 OCTOBER, 2359HRS. Athletes who registered to vote by registration deadline will receive a link to submit their votes once voting opens.


You are encouraged to take part in this process and elect your representatives in the AC.


If you need any clarifications, feel free to reach out to me at 93860625 or

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