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The Singapore Judo Federation maintains an SJF Coach Registry, a registry of Graders and Referees.

  • Coaches under the SJF Coach Registry are recognized by SJF to have attained the necessary qualifications to coach in judo clubs in Singapore. While different coaches have different qualifications, the coaches in the Registry minimally have an SG-Coach Level 1(Technical) qualification or equivalent.

  • Judo coaches who are at least 3rd Dan and above are eligible to be Mon and Kyu graders. Only graders who are approved by the SJF Grading Commission can conduct grading at schools, institutions and judo clubs.

  • SJF referees play a pivotal role in the Judo ecosystem in Singapore. SJF maintains a registry of Continenatal ( Judo Union of Asia) Referees, SJF 'A' Referee and SJF 'B' Referee. Each year, SJF organizes Referee Seminars to train referees. Referees who undergo the seminar and pass the refereeing examination will be inducted into the SJF 'B' Referee registry.

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